These are the dreamers and planners of Brandest

Our team of young and energetic professionals boasts of over two decades of cumulative industry experience in creative design, content strategy, content production, and social community management



We tell stories from a position of inspiration. We dig deep for ideas and communicate with the customers’ seats in decision making.


We are not lost on the basis of our reality. You will observe the rhythm of culture and an experience everyone can relate with.


We deliver when we say we will. We will get it right the first time and at all times!

Funmi Okeowo2

Funmi Okeowo

Content Specialist

Might be a perfectionist, loves to write, read novels, listen to music and create beautiful content. One of the best things to do for Funmi Okeowo is to give her any type of swallow. She really loves to associate herself with people and spends her free time sleeping or watching movies. Lest we forget, she’s beautiful!

Chigozie Ohakwe

Chigozie Ohakwe

Digital Specialist

Chigozie cannot go without reading a book, taking a course, or learning new stuff. With over 4 years of experience in Digital Strategy, Social Media &  Community Management, he has helped several communities and brands scale up their digital processes. He is a lover of History, Philosophy and the Intellectual arts, a Bible Translations collector and a budding screenplay and short stories writer.

Ayo Al

Ayo Al

Senior Content Specialist

Ayo Al is a skilled creative writer with a passion for business content strategy and development. When she is not involved in brand communications, developing new content strategies for businesses or writing poems, she is looking for fried yam, new Nigerian fictional books and new music. In the nearest future, she will author books and have a thriving digital agency. By the way, Monday is her favourite day of the week.


Ejike Kanife


Ejike Kanife is a digital media expert, novelist, journalist, and editor with years of experience, playing major roles in the development of several blogs and microblogs. Interests include technology, sports, and general human interest. He just wants to tell Nigerian stories in a style that is truly Nigerian.

Aliu Kehinde

Aliu Kehinde

Senior Creative Designer

Aliu is a highly talented, driven and flexible Graphic Designer/Brand Strategist with a proven record of delivering creative and innovative design solutions. A big picture thinker who likes to connect dots and find solutions to peoples’ problems through creativity. Design is his passion. It is what he lives for. Aliu Kehinde graduated from the Department of English, the University of Ilorin in 2018.


Damilare Akinpelu

Senior Digital Specialist

Hair like Huey, voice like Morgan, laughs like Denver. What else? Oh yeah, he’s a digital junkie that believes the bread and beans combo is man’s biggest discovery to date. Blames Theirry Henry for his abusive relationship with Arsenal and wants to attend an Imagine Dragons concert before he dies.


Sarah Bassey

Talent & Resource Specialist

Sarah can be described as the chief happiness officer, whose passion for social and community service grew her interest in human capital engagement, development, retention, and improving processes/policies to help reach stated company objectives. When not faced down with books you can find her cooking up storms, watching a movie, or soaking her feet at the beach. Before her 60th she would like to have visited at least two countries on each continent.

Idris Adeyemi

Idris Adeyemi

Creative Designer

Idris sees design as a way to determine how things function, not just how they look. He believes design involves assembling the right people, asking and responding to questions, and iterating forms continuously. When not in front of his computer he can be found playing football or watching his beloved liverpool fc (Y.N.W.A).

Great Opomu

Great Opomu

Web Specialist

As a Web Specialist, Great combines both technical expertise and artistic talent to create attractive and functional websites. He has practical wealth of experiences in UI/UX, Graphics Design, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Systems & Server Management. While not building websites, he helps individuals and businesses increase their productivity in the workplace using technology.


Anderson Ozakpo

Creative Director

Anderson is a Design and Analytics Specialist with about a decade of experience strategizing innovative digital experiences for small startups to Africa’s biggest telecommunications brands like Smile Communications and MTN Nigeria. With vast experience in design thinking, project management, public relations, internal & external client negotiations, brand management, he is passionate about building brands that attract, engage and sell. He looks out for the simplest and easiest ways to solve complex challenges.


David Afolayan

Communications Director

David has about a decade of marketing communications experience with a CIM Level 4 Certification in Marketing (VRQ). He has notable communication consulting experience with firms like CWG Plc & Ausso Leadership Academy and other high net worth individuals in the following years. He has a wealth of experience in digital marketing, content creation, advertising, client/product management, public relations, sales management as well as brand management. He is passionate about team growth and business development.