Is your business attracting the wrong clients? Here’s how to do it right

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One of the biggest concerns of any business person is how companies can both attract and retain customers. You can panic if you have no systematic plan on how to identify who your perfect customers are, where to find them and how to nurture them to close a sale.

I’m very sure the question on your lip is “how can you identify, target and nurture your new prospects until they become your ideal clients?” And, how do you retain these customers is another questions you have.

Evaluate your business

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The thing is that if you are attracting the wrong set of customers, there’s a possibility that your positioning is wrong and here are a few things to consider if you want to do it right:

Competitive alternatives: You need to ask yourself important questions that will help your brand attract the right set of people. If your brand didn’t exist, who/what would your customers use? What can you learn from the way these other brands position themselves? Learning one or two strategies from your competitors does not necessarily mean you don’t know how to go about your brand. It simply means you want to keep your brand running because if they have a lot of clients, it shows there is something they are doing that you are not doing. So, figure it out.

Find your unique attributes: What features/capabilities do you have that alternatives don’t? How can you leverage these attributes in your communication? Using these attributes that you are sure your competitors don’t have will take you a step further, thereby attracting the right clients that are interested in the value you offer.

Customers that care: Who cares a lot about the value you provide? How can you show that you reward their loyalty and make them stay?

Customers want value and when they get what they want, they can always refer you to people and you wouldn’t have to struggle getting clients.

When you narrow your focus and refine your buyer personas, you eliminate resources wasted on the wrong types of people and increase the number of ideal clients your business can bring in.

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