Enhance Brand Awareness For the Web Using These 4 Tips

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Think about your favorite website that you visit. Think back to the last time you were on a really good site. What made it so great? All of the best websites that you know or have used all have one thing in common: effective branding. Whether it is a site for fashion lovers or an online game site, the most successful websites are the ones that express their brands clearly through on-point branded strategies.

Website branding is visually representing your brand through your website. Your website  should have some amount of branding incorporated into its design, like this website branding example.


Effective website branding follows the same principles as effective any-other-kind-of branding. Beyond the basics of brand identity, we’ve got four tips for branding your website.

Website functionality

What does your website do? Is it an eCommerce site? A fashion site or a blog? Whatever your website does, it has to do its thing well. For an eCommerce site, that means a seamless, simple, straightforward and secure buying experience. For a blog, it means presenting content in a clear, appealing way and making that content shareable. Beyond doing its job well, how your website functions play into your brand.

Building a Content Strategy

Image result for content strategy

Content strategy is, as the name implies, the strategy of positioning content to communicate your brand and its offerings. This includes things like videos, infographics, writing style e.t.c.

Laying it all out

Your website layout is a key part of its branding. This is literally how your website is laid out: top or side navigation? How does the text wrap around the images? What is the site’s overall structure?

Keeping it consistent

Consistency is key to all forms of branding, not just website branding. When it comes to websites, consistency should be the same voice and tone across pages, consistent page templates throughout the website.

To preserve your brand, you need to pay close attention to your web presence and this includes developing content, responding to feedback from customers, and more.

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