Dealing With Competition: Cost Leadership

Essentially, businesses embark on cost-leadership to earn higher margins/profits and competitive advantages by offering products or services at the lowest market prices through the vigorous pursuit of cost minimization techniques.

4 Business Lessons From Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’

There is a gap in the market, almost a need for something odd and fresh like Squid Game. The fourth and most important lesson the show can teach us is that we really can’t predict what consumers want next until they show us.

3 Growth Strategies for Your Small Businesses

These tips can help you in building the best growth hack for your business, get to work immediately and share your feedback when you get results. In order to scale, it is highly effective to adopt the right strategy for customer adoption.

5 Online Image and Design Tools for Unskilled Users

you have a small business and you want to Do-It-Yourself regarding social media, banners, logos, image edits or general graphic designs, then this article is for you. However, great design begins from the mind of the designer.

5 Websites to Find High-Quality, Rights-Free Images Safe to Use

If you are not a great photographer like me, the internet will have to be your second and best choice. While it seems like the fastest and easiest option, getting free images from the internet might not be the ‘cheapest’ idea—it can cost you a fortune.